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The Best of LIFE: 37 Years in Pictures

19 Sep

“Over several decades spanning the heart of the 20th century, one American magazine ― called, plainly and boldly, LIFE ― published an astonishing number of the most memorable photographs ever made. Driven by the certainty that the art of photojournalism could tell stories and move people in ways that traditional reporting simply could not.”
1936 – 1972

Nick Georgiou

13 Feb

Nick Georgiou has produce a series of incredible pieces, often realised with local newspaper found in Tucson, AZ where he has been living for the past two years”.

3D written portrait books

31 Jan

“Written portraits’ is a series of books which shows the different faces, literally, behind the selected autobiographies of anne frank, Vincent van gogh, louis van gaal and kader abdolah. the campaign, created by dutch agency van wanten etctera, was conceived by Markus Ravenhorst and maarten reynen as part of dutch book week under the theme of (auto) biography. the artwork was executed by souverein whereby, each book was created to stand as a realistic 3D portrait of its author. The structure of the original book’s pages were used for the text within the portraits in order to achieve the right configuration for each.


visionaire sixty: religion

24 Jun


The Lost Beatles Photographs by Larry Marion

29 Mar

An intimate, revealing look at the legendary band, documented in a series of personal, never-before-seen photographs taken during The Beatles’ three U.S. tours—the largest single trove of such important unknown rock photographs ever uncovered

In the early 1960s, four working-class lads from Liverpool invaded America, igniting a cultural revolution that would transform a generation and change the world. During that time, few were closer to The Beatles than Bob Bonis, the tour manager for all three U.S. tours, 1964, 1965, and 1966. While on the road with the Fab Four, Bonis, a passionate amateur photographer with a keen eye, an innate sense of composition, and a deep love for his subjects, snapped some nine hundred photographs of the band—a remarkable collection that until now has only been known to family and close friends.

The Lost Beatles Photographs
The Bob Bonis Archive, 1964-1966
By Larry Marion

Precise Papers

26 Mar

Images You Should Not Masturbate To

17 Mar

hmmm. some title

Folks, this is a real book get it at

Product Description

Better than a cold shower-and a lot funnier.

Choking the chicken, spanking the monkey, airing the orchid-whatever you call it, none of the images in this book will encourage the gentle art of self-pleasure. This deceptively simple and strangely addictive book presents a laugh-out-loud collection of random pictures virtually guaranteed to dampen the urge of even the strongest libido.

About the Author

Graham Johnson is a creative director at M&C Saatchi Sydney.
Rob Hibbert is an internationally-awarded advertising copywriter from Melbourne, Australia.


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