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Lego Dance by Annette Jung

6 Sep

Michael is doing the Lego dance. Lego animation by Annette Jung.

1959 Aston Martin DBR1 1:1 Scale Le Mans Replica by Evanta Motors

8 Aug

1959 Aston Martin DBR1 1:1 Scale Le Mans Replica by Evanta Motors

Arriving on a parts tree that measures 6.35m x 3.30m, a hand made 1:1 scale model of the 1959 Aston Martin DBR1 le mans winning car is produced by Evanta Motor Company based in hertfordshire, england. Built using a replica of an injection molded sprue for model parts, each component is individually labeled and placed within the container, as if you could twist it off for assembly. used within the collection is an entire DBR1 body finished in an original aston martin californian sage green lemans color-way, a full set of four 16″ wire wheels outfitted in dunlop racing tires and a 15 inch ‘mota lita’ wood trimmed wheel. also included in the kit is a pair of replica aston martin racing seats using the correct leather and weave, a machined aluminum gear knob and lever, and a full dashboard finished in textured satin black and assembled using smiths gauges and period switches.

The model series pays tribute to its drivers carroll shelby and roy salvadori, and its chief engineer ted cutting. this one of a kind collectors piece comes with an authentic signed aston martin cap by both drivers salvardori and shelby.

images © richard pardon

Music boxes for iPad by Joelle Aeschlimann

23 Jul

“As a part of her studies at ECAL, joelle aeschlimann has created a music box prototype for the iPad. the ‘little boxes’ project consists of three separate devices that interact with the tablet to create melodies and animations. replicated to work like the traditional player, the new digital iteration is constructed using rubber tips from commercially available pens, and a conductive metal crank. The adobe air for iOS software recognizes when pressure is applied to the iPad, and when the rotating mechanical movements are turned by the lever, music and visual content are generated.


Charging gadgets with solar-powered urban infrastructure

18 May

“The ‘street charge’ concept takes into account the changing urban environment and our social need to stay connected at all times via our smartphones or androids. the simple intervention, developed by brooklyn-based studio PENSA! looks to harness the potential of our current street infrastructure as a platform in which to power-up our mobiles and other portable gadgets;
it makes use of what already exists, rather than considering that additional systems be installed on our sidewalks. PENSA!’s design would utilize photovoltaic cells to charge the integrated LED lighting and storage battery housed within the channel of sign structures. attached would be a shelf and bench, offering a so-called ‘rest stop’ for individuals to take a moment to read an e-mail or text a friend while giving their device a quick re-charge”.


Working Nintendo NES controller coffee table

23 Apr

Amazing addition to any living room.

Available on Etsy

Mr. Dictator Head

12 Jan

Mr. dicator head’ by melbourne-based artist Stephen Ives is a series of sculptures that depicts various dictator figures as the popular children’s toy, mr. potato head. characterized by multiple removable parts, the collection includes well-known political characters such as stalin, saddam hussein, and kim jong il. achieving striking resemblance through eyebrows, hair formation, and, in some cases, the character-defining mustache, the plastic figurines juxtapose the dictators with an accessible and endearing model form.

Pantone Cases

1 Sep

These Pantone iPhone Cases are available in nine colors, each with their own Pantone color swatch identifier, including “Black C”, “711 Red” and “Cool Gray 5 C”.

Emulator – Multi-Touch DJ Technology

31 Aug

Emulator more intuitive and easy to use, DJ’s now have sample decks, loop recorders and more amazing effects literally at their fingertips.
Emulator gives the DJ all the functionality of Traktor 2 with a full multi-touch experience.

DJ’s can begin playing on a touch screen interface immediately. Whether they use a tablet PC, touch screen monitor or our holographic looking transparent touch surface, the DJ is now in total control”

Op-1 portable synthesizer

2 Aug

“Op-1′ is a portable synthesizer, designed by stockholm-based studio teenage engineering. Measuring 282mm long by 102mm high and 13.5mm wide (11 x 4 x 0.5 inches), the device features four primary functions: synthesizer, loaded with eight synthesizer engines; drum sampler; four-track tape recorder; and mixer.

The ‘op-1’ is preloaded with a range of drum kits, but new samples can be recorded from the microphone or line-in, or the device can be connected to a computer and any .aif file can be added immediately. the tape recorder permits the adjustment of tapespeed while recording, even permitting realtime backwards recording, with a recording time of about six minutes on normal speed. the four-channel mixer adds effects to each track individually or as a master control.

screenshots from OLED - (top from left): pulse synthesizer engine, drum sampler screen, tape recording screen, master EQ; (bottom from left): special mastering effects include 'the punch', envelops graphs, mixer screen, LFO modulator and record buttons

The ‘op-1’ contains a 3-axis motion sensor whose movement can be assigned to pitch or any synth, envelope, or effect parameter, for interactive sound control. a built-in FM radio permits the sampling and recording of radio feeds. The colour-coded interface matches coloured buttons to the graphics on the OLED display, for more intuitive use”.

Casualties of War

6 Jun

‘Casualties of War’ by Dorothy
all images Courtesy Dorothy

‘Casualties of war’ by manchester-based creative collective dorothy is a series of plastic moulded figurines that illustrates the dark side of war veterans. a direct commentary on a editorial article titled by the same name, the prototypes delineate the often brutal and negative aftereffects of the war, manifesting itself in the form of brawls, beatings, rapes, drunk driving, suicides and more.

the 7cm-high figurines reference the classic toy army soldier model with a pool-shaped base and a similar green finish. featuring figurines in four different scenarios, the series is at once disturbing and honest, showing the reality and the many detrimental influences of war.

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