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Seven Davis Jr. – All kinds

20 Aug

Lucid Stead Mirrors and Illuminates the Joshua Tree Desert

22 Nov

Hidden amongst the arid landscape of Joshua Tree, California, american artist Phillip K Smith III‘s ‘Lucid Stead’ dreamily reflects and illuminates the desert panorama. The four surviving windows and doorway are installed with colored LEDs that very slowly shift their chroma during the night. Rotating through the color wheel, the lights subtly mutate their hues from blues to greens, and yellows to reds. These tones reflect onto the surface of the earth, melting into the surrounding sand and brush and creating a remarkably ethereal atmosphere, most kaleidoscopic during dusk.








Clas Tuuth – Sketch

29 Oct

from Vanessa Mckeown


24 Oct

MUTE is an animated short about a world populated by people born without a mouth. When a gory accident leads to the discovery they are able to create their own mouth by cutting themselves, this releases an enthusiastic chain reaction among the population…
This 4 minute cgi short has been created by Job, Joris & Marieke, a Dutch studio for animation, illustration, character design and music. In 2011 Job, Joris & Marieke made the music video ‘I’ll take you along’ for Dutch rapper Gers Pardoel which has been viewed over 15 million times. The music was made by Happy Camper, and all voices were done by Fresku!
MUTE premiered at the Dutch Film Festival in the Golden Calf competition and was screened at the Anim’est festival in Bucarest. More festival news can be found on the MUTE website

Today’s wtf video

22 Oct

by steve girard, music by john albano/nelson reynolds, co-directed by josh chertoff, shot by alfredo alcantara. grip/lighting by james herron, zack kuperstein + isa alcantara, sound recording by jaclyn gramigna

Lego Dance by Annette Jung

6 Sep

Michael is doing the Lego dance. Lego animation by Annette Jung.

i have your heart

21 Nov

Capital Cities – Center Stage

25 Oct

P.M. Dawn – Reality Used To Be A Friend Of Mine

19 Oct

Erik Christiansen – Cosmic Girl (Fabo Arp Mix)

18 Oct
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