Digital Vending Machine

2 Mar

‘acure’ digital vending machine, designed by fumie shibata of design studio s for beverage company JR east water business
all press images © nacasa & partners

as installation of the high-tech ‘acure’ vending machines continues throughout tokyo, designboom follows up on the devices, designed by japanese industrial designer fumie shibata of design studio s for japanese beverage company JR east water business.

the digital vending machine features a 47-inch touchscreen display with a camera mounted at its top. sensory data is interpreted by an internal processor to recognize the sex and estimate the age of an individual who approaches the device, displaying recommendations based on this data. selecting a product brings up additional information about it prior to purchase, and after the sale, the screen displays a ‘thank you’ message.

innovative for its use of targeted marketing through the visual analysis, ‘acure’ makes use of its ‘intelligent marketing’ system even when not in use by a customer, to display advertising imagery appropriate to the time of day, temperature, and season. for example, the product showcased shown on a cold morning might be a hot coffee, while on a sunny summer day, a glass of ice water or a soda with lime.

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