Bangkok wired

15 Mar

all images © Thomas kalak

A new exhibition from the german photographer Thomas Kalak at the Picasso Art Museum in Münster features his work documenting the electricity and telecommunications cables that appear omnipresent in Bangkok. The cables spread into the furthermost corners of the city and grow into even the smallest kitchen to let them partake in the state-of-the-art power supply and technology. the photographs offer a terrifying, but also fascinating portrait of a system that seems to have emerged independent of any consideration of the living space of people while visually guiding the flows of energy that keep the city alive.

Kalak’s documentary view finds expression in an unfalsified snapshot aesthetic that puts what one sees in the center of attention and tackles an aspect of everyday culture, providing a window into life in this city. The exhibition is open from march 19 through july 3, 2011 and coincides with the publishing of a book of the entire series documenting 10 years of the project.

Thomas Kalak
Picasso Art Museum, Münster
march 19 – July 3, 2011


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