25 Mar

The name Parra should resonate with any person relatively well-versed in the realm of street culture.

Back in the day Parra used to be a professional skateboarder and was part of the famous “Fret Click” crew. After focusing on skateboarding, Parra started to focus on drawing which he also studied for a while. He moved to Amsterdam a couple of years later to do an internship where he learned the basic principles of illustrating and graphic design. Ever since Parra came to Amsterdam, he reinvented himself and made a huge amount of work in a short period of time. His humorous, illustrative, colorful, characteristic, hand drawn typographic signature style was found on a ton of print work, posters and flyers throughout the city of Amsterdam.

His first solo show in London got him signed on the London based agency Big Active, which generated many opportunities. Parra got the chance to work on big commercial projects next to his own projects. His work buzzed around the internet heavily while doing popular solo exhibitions in New York, LA, Milan, Paris and Berlin.

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