Ocean Trash Photo Collages by Mandy Barker

2 Feb

'soup: refused' detail

By Mandy Baker
SOUP is a description given to plastic debris suspended in the sea, and with particular reference to the mass accumulation that exists in an area of The North Pacific Ocean known as the Garbage Patch. The series of images aim to engage with, and stimulate an emotional response in the viewer by combining a contradiction between initial aesthetic attraction and social awareness. The sequence reveals a narrative concerning oceanic plastics from initial attraction and attempted ingestion, to the ultimate death of sea creatures and representing the disturbing statistics of dispersed plastics having
no boundaries.

All the plastics photographed have been salvaged from beaches around the world and represent a global collection of debris that has existed for varying amounts of time in the world’s oceans.

The captions record the plastic ingredients in each image providing the viewer with the realisation and facts of what exists in the sea.

'soup: refused' ingredients: plastic oceanic debris affected by the chewing and attempted ingestion by animals, including a toothpaste tube additives: teeth from animals

'soup: bird's nest' ingredients: discarded fishing line that have formed nest-like balls due to tidal and oceanic movement additives: other debris collected in its path

'soup: translucent' ingredients: translucent plastic debris

soup: ruinous remembrance' ingredients; plastic flowers, leaves, stems and fishing line additives: bones, skulls, feathers and fish

'soup: turtle' ingredients: plastic turtles that have circled and existed in the north pacific gyre for 16 years additives: ducks, beavers and frogs

'soup: tomato' ingredients: red plastic debris

'soup: 500+' ingredients: representing more than 500 pieces of plastic debris found in the digestive tract of a dead albatross chick in the north pacific gyre

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