Linkpresents: DELETE The Odd Music Journey

6 Mar

LP:102 (DELETE) The odd music journey

Released Apr 21, 2011

The word ‘delete’ has become a seminal part of our modern lexicon over the past 20 years thanks to the advent of the internet and our global, digital culture. Delete is also the production moniker of an artist who too has been growing over the past 20 years. One whose sound and style are at once rooted in the musical heritage of his native Venezuela and home in the digital diaspora of our globalized techno-culture. A member of the new breed of DJs, Sergio Muñoz, has been making a lot of noise over the past few years with a slew of undeniable productions and highly acclaimed sets at the world’s leading venues. Sergio has been honing his unique sound since the very beginning. “I started because all my life my family has been playing soul, disco, R&B and jazz around the house so I grew up hearing the groovy stuff. Later, when I started going to clubs, I had fun but I always wanted to be in the DJ booth – not on the dancefloor.” It was this urge to take the reins and play his own groovy stuff that led Sergio to begin producing and Djing in 2004. Influenced by fellow South Americans (Luciano, Ricardo Villalobos) and Europeans (Dixon, Henrik Schwarz) alike, he has not been able to take a break from making music releasing an impressive number of tracks on labels such as Safari Electronique, Sci+Tec, Saved and Viva.The unmistakable funk that you hear in Delete’s productions is also a hallmark of his unrelenting sets. The interplay between the cutting techno and latin-tinged house records that he plays creates a new, updated vibe which is also steeped in the storied traditions laid down by his heroes before him. “The most memorable parties for me were playing with Dubfire at Mansion Miami, this January’s tour of the Dominican Republic and, of course, the Bullitt Mixer at WMC this year.” Hypnotizing every dancefloor he plays to, Sergio is also inspired by the crowds and sounds he encounters while on tour. This constant cycle of inspiration and creation means that Delete’s sound never stagnates.Not knowing where he’ll go next sonically is half the excitement of seeing him DJ – finally experiencing it and getting locked into his soulful vibe is the other half. Delete (aka Sergio Muñoz) & Israel Sunshine create a new project in 2010 called Fur Coat to make forward thinking music that last through time Israel Sunshine have released on Supernature, Get Physical, amongst other, and he has been my partner for more than 7 years, so finally in 2011 we decided to create this proyect and fusion our sound.

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