Porky Hefer of Animal Farm

8 Mar

Biomimicry is a discipline whereby the design of nature and its various systems are examined and emulated in order to create sustainable solutions to solve real world problems. Analyzing the methods in which members of the ploceidae, or weaver bird family craft their beautifully artistic and humble dwellings, south african designer porky hefer of animal farm, one of this year’s Design Indaba conference speakers, references their intricate construction process and has produced a series of large-scale nests fit for humans based on the birds’ techniques. Porky’s series of ‘weaver’s nests’ have no real inner steel framework. Each are meticulously crafted out of all natural materials such as bark and branches and woven in such a way that the final form offers a sturdy retreat fit for at least 2 adults.

They should have these at camp grounds.


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