Torafu Architects: Skydeck For Ishinomaki Laboratory

3 May

‘Skydeck’, a small table which is made to hook onto handrails of balconies or lookout points, has been created by  Japanese firm torafu architects. the functional surface is manufactured by ishinomaki laboratory which was established by designers and other individuals in the japanese city of ishinomaki when it was devastated by the tsunami on march 11, 2011. This collaboration between the initiative and torafu ensures that the portable design is manufactured by the people of this region as a means of supporting the local community while making the product commercially available to the consumer market.  Made from canadian red cedar, the ‘skydeck’ offers a surface in which to rest your mobile phone or radio, or can act as a counter  when you’re out on your balcony enjoying a drink. floating in the air, the ‘skydeck’ stretches a narrow balcony space out past its boundaries,  just a little bit further…

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