Philip Karlberg Pin Art

15 May

Jackie O wearing burberry sunglasses from ‘pin art’ by philip karlberg, 2012
all images courtesy the artist

Philip Karlberg. the artist has painstakingly arranged over a thousand wooden pegs on several boards complemented by strategic lighting in order to hint at the faces of well known public figures wearing sunglasses typical to their dress in his new series ‘pin art’. each of the peg-in-hole pieces pictures the likeliness of several famous faces including karl lagerfeldt, john belushi, Jackie O, Johnny Depp, Lady Gaga, and Steve Mcqueen wearing contemporary frames upon their wooden visage for plaza magazine. the artist says of his time-intensive project, ‘it was a real challenge to sculpt the faces of some classic wearers of sunglasses. it took me six days to shoot the six faces and around 1,200 sticks were used’

Johnny Depp in armani sunglasses

left: steve mcqueen in persol sunglasses
right: lady gaga in yves saint laurent sunglasses

left: karl lagerfeldt in dior homme sunglasses
right: john belushi in ray ban sunglasses


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