Fabulous Depictions of Tyrants, Dictators and Popes by Scott Scheidly

21 May

pope john paul II

kim jong-il from ‘portraits: a series of ‘fabulous’ depictions of tyrants, dictators and popes’ by scott scheidly
all images courtesy spoke art

Artist scott scheidly of florida, USA, had developed portraits for four notorious or influential public figures of the 20th century with an emphasis on their more feminine sides. adolf hitler, kim Jong-il, joseph stalin and pope john paul II have all been re-imagined by scheidly as particularly fond of shades of pink and purple as well as accessories such as dangling earrings, jewel uniform detailing and leopard print scarves complimented by hearts, flowers and unicorns. The series is the artist’s painted interpretation of the remembered masculinity of these powerful men as he instead substitutes their typical attire with objects, symbols and colors typically attributed to womanliness. In this way, as the viewer observes the individual’s likeliness, though the gallery goer may be recall the horrible achievements of these men, the common portrayal of their seemingly infallible masculinity is undercut by juxtaposition of lightened shades dressing these influential and sometimes dangerous men.

adolf hitler

joseph stalin


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