DirtyLand by Viveros

19 Dec

WAR-OF-THE-ROSES-23.5-x-35.5-Viveros wrestleher VivaLaMuerte evilLast BLEED-FOR-ME-2010-30x40_-oil_mixed-media-on-maple-board-2010_Viveros_hi-resA5D3 THE-LAST-TEMPTATION-2011 0_1bc068_5dacde2_XL 00 Brian-M.-Viveros-and-Dan-Quintana-collaboration DirtyLand c2497c22fb2bfcdfec22755f148ad2016831d5b2_m Dirtyland 56bf8a8d94b849b7ee47efbf8c66c51c dirtydirty

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