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Carl Warner: Food photographer

27 Sep

The ‘Foodscapes’ are created in Carl’s London studio where they are built on top of a large purpose built triangular table top. The scenes are photographed in layers from foreground to background and sky as the process is very time consuming and so the food quickly wilts under the lights. Each element is then put together in post production to achieve the final image.
Carl Warner

Parasite farm

15 Aug

Parasite farm’ by Charlotte Dieckmann and Nils Ferber parasite farm is a indoor compost system that can be integrated into your living space.

Designers’ own words:

“Today 88% of germany’s population lives in cities and only 5.8% of the country’s cultivated land is farmed ecologically. While most fruits and vegetables have become available all year round we are loosing touch with how it was grown, harvested and transported. the expensive, highly compacted urban area doesn’t leave much room for agricultural practices and not everybody has access to a balcony or garden. our answer to that question is the ‘parasite farm’, a system that enables you to compost your biological waste, produce humus soil and to grow your own vegetables and herbs – all within your apartment! to integrate with your interior and your habits both the vermicompost system and the plant boxes use existing furniture as infrastructure. The parasitic objects are fed by your food scraps and provide you – in turn – with fresh vegetables. we hope that this small-scale nutrient cycle makes people discover the fascination of growing you own food and evokes questions about the current industrial food production and possible alternatives”.


Last Meals

6 Aug

James Reynolds “had the same fascination, and found an actual list of final meals that inmates requested before being put to death. He then photographed them on the standard issue prison lunch trays. They’re incredibly intriguing”.

‘I saw a small list of what a few death row prisoners had chosen for their last meals before their deaths and I wondered what they would look like as a visual image. After all, these meals would be one of the last things these prisoners see before they die.

‘At first I just wanted to see what these meals looked like on the iconic prison tray. I wanted to get the viewer to think, or have an opinion.

‘I’d like to think that the photographs make the viewer think, what thought that is, I am not sure, as I myself had more thoughts the more I looked at them. What would my last meal be? What kind of people were these prisoners? Why did they choose that particular meal? What crime did they commit?

‘The single olive still had its stone. The inmate thought that after being executed and buried, an olive tree—a symbol of peace—would grow from him. It was indeed a very profound thought or idea, but an olive tree has not yet been found on his grave.’

LAST MEALS ON DEATH ROW hmmm… what would you have for your last meal? 😉

Source: Go to public school

STOYN Ice Cream

24 Jun

Worldwide superheroes – Vladimir Mayakovsky, Darth Vader, Ernesto Che Guevara, Donald Duck, Marilyn Monroe, Mickey Mouse and Mario – their strength, character and talent were materializes in organic tastes of ice cream STOYN. Cranberry with vodka (Mayakovsky), blueberry with licorice (Darth Vader) and mate with rum (Che Guevara) – every taste reflects the role of these individuals in the global culture.

Cereal Killer

20 Mar

“Remember cartoon-filled mornings as a kid in the 80s and early 90s? A time when all that mattered was wresting control of the remote from your big brother and mastering the marshmallow ratio in whatever totally ridiculous cereal you begged your parents for that week, because your next-door neighbor, Grace Cavadoy, had Fruity Marshmallow Krispies and GODDAMMIT you wanted them too!!! Ah…we’ve lost a lot of good brands since then.

So shotgun the sugar-saturated milk at the bottom of your Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle bowl and imagine “I Will Remember You” playing faintly, as we take a tempting trip back through all the cereals who’ve moved on to that Big Breakfast in the sky”.


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