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Lovelee Dae (2020 Vision Remix)

14 Sep

dOP – Kisses (Official Video)

15 Aug

First Music Video

14 Aug

The Dickson Experimental Sound Film

The Drums – Let’s Go Surfing

10 Aug

Old school friday

3 Aug

LL Cool J – Back Seat

Sigur Ros: “Varuo” by Ryan McGinley

2 Aug

Sigur Ros‘ latest single Varúð to Manhattan to follow a young girl jovially skipping about between buildings in Chinatown. As the music crescendos and falls in time with the girl, McGinley punctuates the video by ‘stopping’ everything around her and turning the bustling streets into a surreal backdrop strangely befitting of Sigur Ros’ soaring, ethereal sound”.

Cello Speaker Box

1 Aug

Functional speaker box made from a used cello and a high quality 3-way speaker system.
Subwoofers are 8.5″
Mid 4.5″
Tweeters 2″.
Must have receiver to operate.
At 160 watts and 8 ohms, these speakers sound great and also compliment the varnish of the cello very well.
Measurements are estimates and may vary just slightly.

cost 800.00

Music boxes for iPad by Joelle Aeschlimann

23 Jul

“As a part of her studies at ECAL, joelle aeschlimann has created a music box prototype for the iPad. the ‘little boxes’ project consists of three separate devices that interact with the tablet to create melodies and animations. replicated to work like the traditional player, the new digital iteration is constructed using rubber tips from commercially available pens, and a conductive metal crank. The adobe air for iOS software recognizes when pressure is applied to the iPad, and when the rotating mechanical movements are turned by the lever, music and visual content are generated.


The C90s – Shine A Light (Flight Facilities Remix)

20 Jul

Arthur Russell – Your Motion Says

26 Jun
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