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Spotted in bk

3 Dec


Finger Paintings by Judith Braun

4 Oct

New York-based artist Judith Braun

BOWERY, NEW YORK, C.1890-1908

22 Aug

c. 1890

c. 1900

c. 1900

c. 1903


c. 1905



c. 1908



14 Aug

Sigur Ros: “Varuo” by Ryan McGinley

2 Aug

Sigur Ros‘ latest single Varúð to Manhattan to follow a young girl jovially skipping about between buildings in Chinatown. As the music crescendos and falls in time with the girl, McGinley punctuates the video by ‘stopping’ everything around her and turning the bustling streets into a surreal backdrop strangely befitting of Sigur Ros’ soaring, ethereal sound”.

Kaleidoscopic Watertower by Tom Fruin

8 Jun

‘watertower’ by tom fruin, 2012
found plexiglas, steel, bolts
25 x 10 x 10 feet
images by robert banat courtesy the artist

picturing the piece at the sun plays over its surface

Tom fruin has unveiled his newest kaleidoscopic structural installation ‘watertower’ as the premiere work completed in the united states for his series ‘icon‘. the brooklyn artist has built a 25 by 10 foot tall water tank formed from nearly 1,000 colorful salvaged plexiglass pieces gathered from all over NYC. the work has been constructed atop building 20 jay street, near the east river waterfront in brooklyn. The glittering sculpture is illuminated by natural light during the day, while from sunset to sunrise an ardunio-controlled light show, designed by Ryan Holsopple, is conducted inside the work. ‘watertower’ is visible to any person with a clear view of the dumbo, brooklyn, NYC skyline. the illuminated, colored glass work will be on show from june 7th, 2012, remaining on exhibition until the following june.


Meat balloons by ODL

3 Jun

“At the japan premium beef storefront, chicago-based design studio ODL (object design league) have created a meat-themed installation of their ‘balloon factory’, with balloons that take the form of sausages and steak cuts. The installation was curated by sight unseen as part of the NoHo design district during new york design week.

The ODL team creates their own balloon formers, which are primed with soap before being dipped into latex. The thin coat of rubber that adheres to the surface becomes the actual balloon. while it is still wet, latex colours can be mixed or the balloon can be hand-painted to achieve various visual effects. once dry the rubber is leached and vulcanized to be strengthened for inflating. in all, each balloon takes about three hours to produce.

The meat balloons at japan premium beef are shaped like sausages and different cuts of steak: porterhouse, flank, filet mignon, and T-bone. all use an initial clear latex, dripped with red, pink, and brown. steven haulenbeek, caroline linder, Michael Savona, and lisa smith of ODL left some pieces on butcher trays in the store window, while others they inflated, tied with twine, and twisted together to hang.

ODL explains: ‘this iteration extends the original ‘balloon factory’ project and carries a strong reference to the intricate fake food prevalent in restaurant windows in japan.’ A limited edition run of 40 meat balloons are available for sale at the ODL web shop“.


Cut-and-paste religious rewritings by Meg Hitchcock-steger

3 Jun

‘the satanic verses: ‘repentance’ from the koran’ by meg hitchcock, 2012
letters cut from ‘the satanic verses’ by salman rushdie
21″ x 19

Brooklyn, new york artist meg hitchcock weaves together spiritual traditions by cutting away from religious texts letter by letter, then placing these characters by hand in a swirling combination of characters creating the words of other holy books. hitchcock was raised as a fundamentalist christian and now does not identify with religious learnings. Through her work, the artist celebrates all religions and the human need for transcendence– to reach outside of oneself for a connectedness with ‘the other’. through her works hitchcock feels she honors this timeless urge in humanity by uniting various faith systems through art, raising both religions by making art from their only actualized form. the artist says of her work, ‘I incorporate and ‘cross-pollinate’ the sacred writings of all spiritual traditions, suggesting that all religions derive from the same source, and are sustained in the same unwavering faith.’

‘In ‘the satanic verses: ‘repentance’ from the koran cut from ‘the satanic verses’ by salman rushdie’, I recreated a chapter from the koran called ‘repentance’ by cutting letters from ‘the satanic verses’, the novel by salman rushdie. by reconfiguring the letters of this controversial novel into a passage from the koran, I seek to bring restitution to the original offense. it is not my place to speculate whether mr. rushdie regrets or seeks repentance for producing his novel; my intention with this text drawing is to address the issue of religious intolerance and extremism under which he and others have greatly suffered’. -hitchcock speaks to ‘the satanic verses’

‘throne: the book of revelation’, 2012
letters cut from the koran
44.5″ x 30″

milk and honey: ‘michael row the boat ashore”, 2012
letters cut from the bhagavad gita
40″ x 26″

‘prayer to lakshmi’, 2012
letters cut from the koran
4″ x 4″

‘I am the oblation: bhagavad gita, ch. 9’, 2012
letters cut from the koran
12″ x 12″

buddhist prayer for peace’, 2012
letters cut from the methodist hymnal
7 x 5 in.


Clemens Behr

19 Mar

Clemens Behr works with recycled materials and basic geometric forms. His abstract installations, composed of cardboard, wood, paint, tape and found materials, often result in subtle confusions between 2D painting and 3D objects”.

NYC Subway 1980’s

10 Mar

Photos by Bruce Davidson


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