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Finger Paintings by Judith Braun

4 Oct

New York-based artist Judith Braun

Banksy’s Graffiti Animated Gifs

4 Oct

Banky’s graffiti comes alive with these animated gifs from the Tumblr Made By ABVH.


14 Sep

“German street artist MTO recently stopped by France where he was invited for an exhibition in Rennes. He just completed those amazing two pieces entitled “The legend of Fred ILLE & Gwen VILAINE”. If you stop by Rennes, make sure to stop by “Cosmorama” from 6 september till 12 October.a co-exhibition with MTO @ DMA Showroom. 23 Rue de Châteaudun 35000 Rennes ”

Can Man

9 Jul

“UK – The “Can Man” street artist of My Dog Sighs . He paints and humanizes of found objects (particularly cans) then replaced it on the street. Distortions cans or tins are different costumes for these imaginary characters”.

Classic portrait faces on modern bodies by Dorothee Golz

12 Jun

‘the pearl earring’ by dorothee golz diasec, c-print, 188 x 140 cm

“Vienna-based artist Dorothee Golz has created a digitally painted series in which classic portraits have been reimagined as well-recognized drawn faces visualized on modern bodies. Golz’s portfolio of hybrid pieces are born from her interest in historical artworks, social structure and the conception of gender roles both the renaissance era and today. The artist repurposes elements from the original work, stripping away the intention of the painter while infusing her own modern conception of the figures pictured.

First, the Golz begins by selecting an antiquated painting possessing a photorealistic quality in the vision of the sitter’s face. she then develops a studio setting in which to picture the modern body and renaissance face in a manner which may seamlessly combine both elements in a single still. Through the use of strategic lighting and particular positioning of the body of the sitter, the artist is able to re-envision the original artwork as a modern photographic representation. finally, the artist places the painted sitter’s head upon the digital image picturing the figure of a person from today in post production. In this way, Golz frees the painted renaissance persons from their stiff posture and conservative dress so that their facial expressions may be more recognizable to a contemporary audience”.

‘girl at the window’ diasec, c-print, 110 x 83 cm

‘dürer with girlfriend’ c-print/ diasec 180 x 143 cm

‘punks madonna’

‘anne van cleve’ diasec, c-print, 125 x 95 cm

left: ‘la belle ferroniere’, diasec, c-print, 110 x 90 cm
right: ‘steeple-hat -woman’, diasec, 60 x 45 cm

‘the unconcerned’ diasec, c-print, 180 x 140 cm

left: ‘jeans-madonna’, diasec, c-print, 126 x 95 cm
right:’A.D.’, diasec, 85 x 60 cm

‘holbein before cy twombly’
c-print/ rahmen mit schattenfuge 149 x 124 cm ca. 145x 120 cm c-print / framed

‘madonna mit den weißen federn’
c-print/ diasec 130 x 98cm

left: ‘maria with blue coat’, diasec, 60 x 45 cm
right: ‘cecilia’ c-print/ diasec 60 x 45 cm

‘maria with the ginger hairs’
c-print/ diasec 60 x 45 cm


Sketch odopod

7 Apr

Odosketch, by digital agency Odopod, is a online application that allows you to create sketches right in your web browser. Here you can choose from a variety of brushes to draw water color-style on what looks like an aged piece of paper. The gallery of featured illustrations, featuring amazing work by odosketch members. You even get to watch the drawing be created in an animation that shows you the sketch from start to finish.

Get your draw on.


5 Apr

Blu’s fame began in 1999, thanks to a series of illicit graffiti painted in the historical center and suburbs of Bologna, the capital of Italy’s Emilia-Romagna region. In the early years of his career his technique was limited to the use of spray paint, the typical medium of graffiti culture. His characteristic style appeared in 2001, however, when Blu started painting with house paint, using rollers mounted on top of telescopic sticks. This new solution allowed him to increase the painted surface area and convey a stronger intensity to his visual vocabulary. Huge human figures, sometimes sarcastic, sometimes dramatic, who looked as if they were borrowed from comics or arcade game world, began appearing along the streets of Bologna around this time. Another aspect that influenced his early career was the practice of a shared artistic action.

Artists such as Dem, Sweza, Run and, above all Ericailcane, were his companions during nocturnal raids where an anonymous creative participation overcame the need of signing their pieces. Also, during those years, Blu started experimenting with digital animation and he created short interactive video clips that were used as a visual contribution to the live musical performances of the collective OK NO.

The collaboration with Ericailcane had its best results during the period from 2003 to 2006. The two personalities completed each other in a extraordinary composite harmony; while Blu was painting his characteristic human figures Ericailcane made his typical animals. The two artists, friends in real life, continue to work together although with less frequency. Starting in 2004, some art galleries noticed Blu’s artistic value and invited him to take part to one-man or collective shows. Yet Blu, throughout his entire youthful career, attempted to limit his presence within the bastions of the official art world, preferring other kinds of territories. Since his major pieces, outside of his videos, have been immovable murals, it seems reasonable to present a geographical rather than chronological survey of Blu’s works.


“Inside Out” Project in Tunisia

20 Mar

Making good on his TED Conference wish, French street artist JR is using his craft to make a difference in the world with his “Inside Out” project. Encouraging people from around the globe to send in photos of themselves, JR has printed these photos and is now pasting them in various locations. JR’s first destination was Tunisia where he has covered a wall with photos of the people in the very same spot where a portrait of Ben Ali was kept. The symbolic gesture serves as a testament to the power of art, giving some hope for the future to the people of Tunisia.

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