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Pedro Reyes: Rompecabezas

18 Apr

by Pedro Reyes

Switch chair + music box DJ table

4 Apr

Kouichi Okamoto: switch pola museum annex, Tokyo, Japan April 27th – June 3rd, 2012

In an exhibition curated by hexa project for show at the pola museum annex, japanese designer kouichi okamoto of kyouei design created two installation works, both focusing on the idea of the switch’. both works were created with the assistance of pola orbis holdings, and after its exhibition at the pola museum annex, the show will travel to london.

‘Lighting chair’ features two chairs: one whose seat and back plates are dotted with light switches.  Electrical cords run from the back of these switches towards the second chair, which is composed of  numerous electrical plugs into which the cords run. each plug/switch combination powers a single light out of the many suspended from a T-shaped platform, each  encircled by a mesh fabric shade.

‘Musical table’ involves the installation of 504 volume knobs and 504 music box movements, each of which plays a single sound. The boxes play at random, with their tempo determined by its corresponding volume knob on the table.


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