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ford EVOS concept car

31 Aug

The EVOS concept car introduces a new design direction for the global car manufacturer ford. debuting at the 2011 frankfurt motor show, the vehicle is an interpretation of a fastback bodystyle design, featuring four gull-wing doors which open to reveal a four-seat layout. The concept offers a bold red driver’s seat and the vision of unprecedented driver interface. the two rear seat passengers host dedicated touch-screen displays to interact with the vehicle and individually adjustable sports seats.

The concept’s technology experience embraces a new generation of driver interaction and awareness, in which the seamless connectivity between the vehicle and the driver’s ‘personal cloud’ of information is the heart of the vision for its capabilities. with information from the cloud, the vehicle is able to provide the same connected lifestyle the driver experiences at home or the office. the car knows the driver, automatically adapting its handling, steering and engine control to deliver a dynamic driving experience. drawing from a detailed understanding of the driver’s preferences and habits, the EVOS concept car combines this personal information with additional data from the could, such as the individual’s work schedule and local traffic or weather conditions. this information provides a personalized and seamless sophistication as the driver transitions in and out of the car.
Outfitted with advanced air quality sensors and filtration systems to help allergies, the ford EVOS concept car is location aware, and can access air quality from the could, proactively suggesting a healthier route to the driver’s end destination. The vehicle can even intuitively simplify the appearance of the instrument panel to display only necessary gauge information and switch the driver’s connected smartphone to ‘do not disturb’ mode in order to keep their focus on the road. The vision for the care is a state-of-the-art lithium-ion plug-in hybrid (PHEV) powertrain providing the same next-generation performance and fuel economy. ford’s ‘powersplit’ hybrid architecture allows the electric motor and petrol engine to work together or separately to maximize efficiency. Overall, the concept car measures 4.50m (177in) long, 1.97m (77in) wide and 1.36m (53in) high, with a wheelbase of 2.74m (108in).

The ford EVOS concept car won’t officially be seen driving on the road, but many of the design ideas will be utilized in upcoming ford products.


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