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dOP – Kisses (Official Video)

15 Aug

First Music Video

14 Aug

The Dickson Experimental Sound Film

The Drums – Let’s Go Surfing

10 Aug

Old school friday

3 Aug

LL Cool J – Back Seat

Sigur Ros: “Varuo” by Ryan McGinley

2 Aug

Sigur Ros‘ latest single Varúð to Manhattan to follow a young girl jovially skipping about between buildings in Chinatown. As the music crescendos and falls in time with the girl, McGinley punctuates the video by ‘stopping’ everything around her and turning the bustling streets into a surreal backdrop strangely befitting of Sigur Ros’ soaring, ethereal sound”.

The C90s – Shine A Light (Flight Facilities Remix)

20 Jul

Slow Hands – Kreuzberg Blues

15 Jun

Silly Love Songs

15 Jun


12 Jun

James Winters got with his wife, two kids, and his nephew last weekend to produce this tribute to MCA.

Miami Horror – Holidays

7 Jun
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