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NASA Commissions Surreal Mars Photographs by Kahnselesnick

22 Aug

To acknowledge curiosity’s touchdown on the red planet, NASA commissioned the anglo-american duo known as kahnselesnick to create a series of work, entitled ‘mars: adrift on the hourglass sea’, representing their vision of existence on mars. The artists adorned photo-mosaic panoramas provided to them by NASA of earlier expeditions by rovers ‘spirit’ and ‘opportunity’
with fantasy and imagination, infusing phantasmagorical elements of science fiction and the surreal. The dream-like scenarios include specially created sculptures and installations, and deliberately features solely women, as nicholas kahn of kahnselesnick explains:

‘I think earth wouldn’t be on its path toward destruction if it was run by women, so we decided to give mars a little hope by sending two women up who wouldn’t necessarily see conquering and seizing all of its minerals as a main thing.’


Sunburn Monitor Wristband

14 Aug

Developed at the university of strathclyde in glasgow for intellego technologies, a ‘sunburn monitor wristband’ is able to help prevent over-exposure to the sun by indicating to users when they have been exposed to a certain amount of UV radiation. The monitor works by changing from yellow to pink, acting as a visual reminder as the risk of contracting a sunburn increases. the system operates through an acid-release agent which picks up ultraviolet light and a dye which responds to pH levels in the indicator.



8 Aug

“Botanicus Interacticus is a technology for designing highly expressive interactive plants, both living and artificial. Driven by the rapid fusion of computing and living spaces, we take interaction from computing devices and places it in the physical world using livings plants as an interactive medium.

Botanicus Interacticus has a number of unique properties. This instrumentation of living plants is simple, non-invasive, and does not damage the plants: it requires only a single wire placed anywhere in the plant soil. Botanicus Interacticus allows for rich and expressive interaction with plants. It allows to use such gestures as sliding fingers on the stem of the orchid, detecting touch and grasp location, tracking proximity between human and a plant, and estimating the amount of touch contact, among others.

In Botanicus Interacticus we also deconstruct the electrical properties of plants and replicate them using standard electrical components. This allows the design of a broad variety of biologically inspired artificial plants that behave nearly the same as their biological counterparts. From the point of view of our technology there is no difference between real and artificial.

Botanicus Interacticus technology can be used to design highly interactive responsive environments based on plants, developing new forms of organic, living interaction devices as well as creating organic ambient and pervasive interfaces”.


Solar Powered Roadways by Scott Brusaw

7 Aug

“American electrical engineer Scott Brusaw has developed a system of solar powered roads as an initiative to change the face of national highways. His project ‘solar roadways‘ aims to re-purpose existing concrete and asphalt surfaces that are exposed to the sun with solar road panels. He is currently introducing the technology in driveways, bike paths, patios, sidewalks, parking lots, playgrounds, before integrating them onto public roads.

Aside from providing sustainable transportation solutions, the concept will provide socio-economic advantages in all aspects of daily life. The roads are capable of directly inputting energy into the power-grid through photovoltaics, which if realized, could power an entire country from the generated electricity. since our current power grid is based on centralized power stations, and distribution is handled through transmission lines and relay stations, the ‘solar roadways’ would replace coal- and nuclear-powered electricity generation plants by transforming the road into a self-contained energy source”.

“In a future filled with electric vehicles and this new technology, cars will be able to virtually recharge anywhere and small businesses would profit and benefit by going off the grid — eliminating a monthly electricity bill, and attracting customers through the installation of EV charging stations. the intelligent road system will provide a clean form of renewable energy, while implementing safer driving”.

Challenges associated with extreme winter climates will also be resolved, where an implementation of embedded heating within the design will eliminate ice and snow buildup. Cities will no longer have the expense of snow removal and the problems caused by the chemicals used to maintain clear roads. Conditions along with power and data delivery.


Insect Traps

1 May

Insect Traps

‘Insect traps’ explores the digital nature of organic molecules and biological organisms. Virtual insects are injected in closed simulated environments where they fight for their lives against larger than life biomolecular structures.

sound design by: echoicaudio.com
posters: inprnt.com/gallery/mrk/
designed by:mrkism.com


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