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The write book

22 Oct

You’re never alone when you’re reading a book.


UK Hair Clinic: Girlfriend

12 Oct




Ads of the world


23 Apr

Multisensory Bus Shelter ad smells of baked potatoes

7 Feb

With a heating potato and the scent of baking food, the ‘mccain ready baked jackets’ outdoor campaign brings an interactive, multisensory display to bus shelters throughout the UK. the campaign was developed by JCDecaux, hyperspace at posterscope, and BMB creative for the release of the potato company’s oven-ready baked potatoes. Ten installations each mount a 2-foot high, fiberglass potato sculpture within a fullsize poster in the shelters.

When users press a button on a poster, a heating component warms the image of the potato while simultaneously releasing the aroma of baked potatoes throughout the space. the device also dispenses discount coupons for the ‘ready baked jackets’. Mccain worked for over three months with a specialist scent lab to accurately match the smell of their ‘mccain ready baked jackets in the oven.

Sarah Illenberger

11 Aug

By:Sarah Illenberger

Life is too short for the wrong job.

15 Mar

One of the print ads for jobsintown’s ‘life is too short for the wrong job’ campaign a new video commercial released by German employment website “jobsintown” joins the company’s playful visual representations of their slogan ‘life is too short for the wrong job’. The company’s four-year print ad campaign, designed by scholz & friends berlin, feature human workers powering everyday machines: a hardworking woman lives within every laundromat machine, scrubbing at your clothes, and an Elvis impersonator spends his workday in each jukebox you encounter. Taking a different approach to the same slogan, the video commercial was created by grabarz & partner and depicts a fisherman whose true calling lies outside of his current profession.


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